The simple goodness of pure raw honey is the result of honey bees pollinating our planet. Taking care of this symbiotic relationship as a beekeeper has many rewards and pure raw honey is one of them. To inquire about honey, head on over to my contact page where you can fill out our form.


I have combined my love for nature and my professions [Pastry Chef and Interior Designer] and the meeting of one big bumble bee 10 years ago who planted the seed to begin this venture. As he hovered motionless in mid-air I was amazed that he seemed to be sizing me up. I spoke quietly to him for a minute to let him know I was not an intruder but just gardening the lovely trumpet vine he so loved over the years. I can humbly say that that short encounter I shared with the Bumble has truly changed my ideals regarding all bees.

After that encounter I starting researching bees, all bees in fact and landed on the Honey Bee. Taking the fast tract in educating myself hands on about the Honey Bee has been challenging and exciting. I have met many wonderful people along the way. The first thing I always get asked is “don’t you get stung” my response is “only if I make the bees mad”. Lol

It started with keeping 5 plus hives and sharing honey with family and friends in the fall. Seeing the response from everyone was the start of wanting to do more.

I started the company with a small inheritance my Grandmother left me. That’s how the company name was born, Victoria & Grace as I couldn’t have started this without her help.

Using my background talents as a Pastry Chef has helped me understand the importance of using raw honey in my everyday cooking and baking in place of sugar. My goal is to create simple recipes using raw honey that anyone can follow.

I believe in this so much that my husband and I have purchased a farm for the bees. Instead of planting crops we will be planting wildflowers and a small apple orchard for the bees to call home. This hard work will not be in vain as we will all benefit from the result, Pure Canadian Raw Honey.